We are excited to offer Swim & Gym Fall Camp 2020 from August 31st – October 30th, 2020 at our SwimWest Swim School Location (1001 Deming Way). With many area school districts starting with virtual learning, our mission is to give children a safe space to play, be active, and unplug.    Parents will be able to pick a combination of morning, lunch bunch, and afternoon sessions for the 5 or 9-week session that fits their schedule needs.

Camp Hours:

8:15-8:30 am Drop off at SwimWest

8:30-11:30 am Morning Camp Programming

11:30-11:45 am Pick up at SwimWest

11:30-12:30 Lunch Bunch- available for parents who need more time for pick up or for campers who are staying for the afternoon programming.

12:15-12:30 pm Drop off at SwimWest

12:30-3:30 pm Afternoon Camp Programming

3:30-3:45 pm Pick up at SwimWest

The tuition of the first week that your camper is enrolled for will be due at the time of registration.   Sessions will be 5 or 9 weeks in duration from August 31st-October 30th, 2020. Billing will be monthly instead of weekly. Billing for the first 5 weeks will occur on August 31st and billing for the remaining 4 weeks of camp will occur on Oct 1st. If you do not want to attend camp in October, please let us know, and you will only be billed for September.  

Camp Pricing:

$32 per morning or afternoon programming each

$6 per Lunch Bunch session 

$12 per swim lesson, email if you want to add swim lessons

No. However, with our limited space we feel we will be sold out so sign up early!

A deposit of your first week will be due at the time of registration.  When you book for September.  The remaining weeks of September is due on September 1st, and the payment for October will be due on October 1st.

Yes, the first week of camp that you registered for is the deposit.

No, SwimWest and Swim&Gym Camp,LLC are two different companies

When you book for the fall camp, there is a non refundable deposit of the first week of the days and times you registered for.   The consecutive weeks can be refunded.

No. Each camper must bring a nutritional lunch, however a morning and afternoon snack will be provided.  There will be no opportunity to purchase a lunch and vending machines are not available.   The cost for Lunch Bunch is $6 per child

Yes.   If there is room in the camp, you can join in at any time.

Open registration for October will begin September 15th.

If severe weather approaches, we will take the appropriate actions and relocate everyone to a safe area inside the SwimWest facility.

We ask that parents plan for cold weather days, and dress your child appropriately in layers.   Colder weather is in the morning, a jacket is recommended to start the day’s activities.   We will have space heaters inside the tent, and enclose the sides to keep a warm atmosphere for our inside tent activities.

No.  Please put sunscreen  on your children before camp.  We will reapply sunscreen as needed throughout the day.

Yes.  Although camp is a great place to make new friends, we can put specific children together.  Please write that request on your registration form.

The minimum age is 5 and the maximum age is 13.

Call us and we’ll discuss your options.

All children need to be completely toilet trained before starting camp.  We are frequently on the move and this stage of development is a requirement.

The fall camp will only have 36 campers total, which means that age groups may be mixed more than our traditional summer camp. If you would like your children to be placed in the same group, we are happy to honor your request.

Yes, you can call and our Customer Service Representative will help you enroll, or you can enroll online through our website.

No.  We only have the Lunch Bunch that is available that is from 11:30 – 12:30 as a bridge between our morning and afternoon programs. The Lunch Bunch cost is $6.00 and does not include lunch.

Yes. You can pick any of the 5 days that fit your schedule, morning or afternoon, or both. We are offering a very flexible schedule to accommodate our families. During this time, we are in this together and want to be the solution to our families challenges with their schedules.

We are not offering make ups for days missed.   Please let us know if you are missing, so that we can plan accordingly and do not worry about your child.

We will not be doing field trips for the fall programming.   Our SwimWest campus has a lot of space and fun things to offer.

Yes. Swimming lessons are offered at a very reduced rate of $12.00 per child. We will determine their level and place them in the correct class. You may pick the day (s) that you would like your child to participate in. Email to sign up for what you are interested in.

No. We ask that campers keep all personal electronic items at home. They will not have an opportunity to use them during their day at camp. We don’t want to see any special items lost or misplaced. Our goal is to get the children active, and to have them unplug from electronic devices.

Yes, we do take many pictures of the children throughout the day during various activities at camp to share with our families on social media.

There will be a special Release Form in the CampDoc forms where you can authorize this request. 

You can speak with Jenny, our Camp Coordinator.  She can be reached during the week at 608-831-6829 or

All Swim&Gym Counselors go through an extensive training program set by the state before camp begins and are certified in CPR and First Aid. As we are state licensed, background checks and fingerprinting are required on all counselors and staff working at the camp.

Yes, if you signed up for swimming lessons to be included in your camp fees, you will need a swimsuit, towel, swim cap and goggles.   We will also have some free swim days and if warm enough at the beginning of the fall, water slide time.

You can contact SwimWest at 608-831-6829.

We ask that you dress your child in comfortable “play type” clothing, as they will be very active throughout the day, and dress for the weather.  Please have them wear a sun hat or visor every day, and wear sneakers as opposed to any type of sandals.  We will be playing outside a lot, so please bring a jacket for the colder weather.

Like the school requirements, we will call the parent to have the sick child picked up.  IF a fever is noticed, the child will have to stay home for 24 hours after the fever has gone away.   Please follow the state guidelines for COVID in your household for when to bring your child to camp.   We do have a sick room, and will have your child wait in the sick room until you arrive for pick up.

Yes, Swim&Gym, LLC is daycare licensed by the state.  We are required to follow all of their regulations.

Fall camp will be at our SwimWest Swim School at 1001 Deming Way.   You will see a white tent on the SwimWest property.   Before camp begins, you will get an email on all instructions for drop off and pick up.

Anytime you are inside of SwimWest or inside the enclosed white tent.