Leadership Camp Themes: A Weekly Breakdown

Our mission is to develop leadership skills young people will use throughout their lives to learn their strengths and weakness and achieve their goals. Our young leaders will participate in team building exercises learning life-long skills such as responsibility, integrity, respect, and problem solving. The program is designed for our participants to start on an early path to leadership. We will use these outlined principles in designing and delivering specific team building activities and adventures throughout the summer.

Click on each of the sessions below for a more detailed description. Ready to register? Click here.

Session 1: Teamwork – “I couldn’t have done it without you!”
June 16 – June 20

Session 2: Responsibility – “I’m on it!”
June 23 – June 27

Session 3: Respect – “R.E.S.P.E.C.T – find out what it means to me!”
June 30 – July 3 (4-Day, Reduced Price Camp: Friday, July 4th Off)

Session 4: Creativity – “How do I make this work?”
July 7 – July 11

Session 5: Planning and Initiative – “What is our goal?”
July 14 – July 18

Session 6: Motivation – “This is what we do BEST!”
July 21 – July 25

Session 7: Listening – “Tell me more.”
July 28 – August 1

Session 8: Problem Solving – “What should we do about this?!”
August 4 – August 8

Session 9: Persistence – “I can do this!”
August 11 – August 15

Session 10: Presentation – “Let me show you what I can do!”
August 18 – August 22

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