Swim&Gym Camp Campus

SwimWest Swim School west pool

Established in 1990 by Karen Clay, SwimWest Swim School stands as a cornerstone in Dane County, offering a dynamic swim curriculum recognized for its excellence. In 2003, we expanded our commitment to water education with the introduction of Swim&Gym Summer Camp, a state-licensed program. Yet, just as

imadisonwest-location1mportant as what we teach is what we believe.

Our systematic approach to water education allows us to meticulously track and celebrate each student’s progress at every developmental stage, providing the necessary encouragement and training for water safety and success. Yet, it’s not just about what we teach but what we believe. At SwimWest, our philosophy is rooted in offering every child, regardless of age, race, or special needs, the optimal aquatic experience. We aim to impart essential water safety skills, cultivate a love for swimming, and educate parents about the aquatic learning process.

Throughout this journey, our focus remains on developing each child’s self-esteem, believing that creating happy swimmers is a gift that lasts a lifetime.

As the exclusive local swim school approved by the esteemed  United States Swim School Association, we also we also actively participate in the American Camp Association, Stop Drowning Now,  Safe Kids Coalition, and various other initiatives. Our dedication to excellence, safety, and enriching aquatic experiences defines SwimWest as a leader in the field.”