Yes, Swim&Gym Summer Camp is Daycare licensed by the state. We are required to follow all of their regulations.
All Swim&Gym Counselors and Directors,  go through an extensive training program set by the state before camp begins and are also certified in CPR and First Aid. As we are State Licensed, background checks and fingerprinting are performed on all counselors and staff working with your children.  We are also American Camp Association affiliated, and follow their training procedures and policies as well as training before and during camp.    Please visit our staff page to see a short video of the directors and counselors.   We are excited for you to know our team.

Each group has up to 10 campers per counselor.   We put the same age groups together for activities.   In addition to the counselors, we also have two directors that are assisting the entire camp, along with two counselors in training.

You can speak with our Camp Coordinators.  On the first day of camp, you will be given a business card with the directors’ names and phone numbers.  Call or text our Camp Customer Service at 608-800-7200,  or send us an email at
Camp drop-off is from 8:00 – 8:30 am and pick-up starts from 3:00 to 3:30 pm.  Extended before and after care is offered from  7:30 am – 5:30 pm.  We ask that all campers be picked up no later than 3:30 pm.  Any campers still in Swim&Gym’s care after 3:30 will be enrolled in Aftercare at the expense of the family.
We ask that you dress your children in comfortable ‘play type’ clothing, as they will be very active throughout the day, and to dress them for the weather. Also, please have them wear a hat or a sun visor every day, and wear sneakers as opposed to any type of sandals. On cooler days, please pack a jacket for your child because we will still be playing outside.
All Campers:
Gym shoes (no open-toe shoes)
Water Bottle
Swim Suit
Play-type clothing to run around in and sit on the grass
On cooler days, a light jacket
Sun hat or baseball hat
Yes, each child will be given a camp t-shirt that should be worn on field trip days. Otherwise, the camper can wear the shirt any day they want to. The registration fee covers your shirt. If you would like additional shirts, please ask during check-in. The cost of which is an additional $7.00.   Most field trips will be on Wednesdays.
Yes. Please be sure to pack your child’s swimsuit and a towel every day for camp. If your child has a cap and goggles, please pack those too. If not, Swim&Gym, LLC will have some available to use during swim lessons and open swim times.
We ask that parents include sunblock in their children’s backpacks for the day. Please apply sunscreen and bug spray to your child before they arrive at camp. Counselors will assist in re-applying sunblock after swimming and as needed throughout the day.  We also suggest a sun or baseball hat. Counselors will have additional sunscreen if forgotten.  Counselors will be helping with applying additional sunscreen after swimming, and throughout the day.

YES, please have your camper bring a water bottle every day.  Please put your name on the water bottle since the campers do tend to leave them at camp.

No. Each camper must bring a nutritional self-cooled lunch every day; however, two healthy snacks will be provided. There will not be an opportunity to purchase a lunch and we do not have vending machines.
Morning and afternoon Snacks:  Animal Crackers, Goldfish, Cheez-Its, Pretzels, Ritz Crackers, Oranges, Carrots, bananas, and Cheese Sticks.  Snacks are served once in the morning, and once in the afternoon.
Campers with dietary restrictions please bring an appropriate snack to camp.
Nut allergies – campers with allergies sit at a separate table.  Friends are welcome to sit with them if their lunch does not contain nuts.

Campers are provided with two snacks every day.   A snack will be given out in the morning, and in the afternoon.

Common snacks include animal crackers, ritz crackers, nilla wafers, cheez-its, apples, bananas, oranges, and string cheese. None of our snacks contain nuts but may be processed in a factory that also produces nuts.

We encourage campers to bring their own snacks if they may feel uncomfortable with what is being provided.

At Swim&Gym Summer Camp, we believe that summer is the time to spend unplugged, away from screens and technology.  With that philosophy, we will not allow campers to be on their phones during camp.  We also acknowledge that cell phones are necessary for some family situations.  Therefore, we ask that the campers leave the cell phone in their bags, and not bring them out.  If parents need to get in touch with their campers, they can call our camp phone, 608-800-7200 to get in touch with their campers.   You will also be given a Directors Business Card on the first day of camp for additional numbers to connect with your camper.
We ask that campers keep all personal electronic items at home. They will not have an opportunity to use them during their day at camp, and we don’t want to see any special items lost or misplaced.  Campers will be engaging in games, crafts, and time spent together.
Yes. Extended care is available. Before Care begins at 7:30 am, and After Care goes until 5:30 pm. You can use this service as you need it from day to day.   Please indicate on your camp registration form that you would like to be in Extended Care so that we can hire the right amount of staff.    The cost will be $13.00/hour.
Knowing that families do not need the full hour, we will charge on the quarter hour.  You will be able to register for Extended care at the time of sign-up.
You can add in extended care at any time to fit your family’s needs.
Parents can do Beforecare from 7:30 am to 8:00 am.  For aftercare, any camper at Swim&Gym after 3:30 will be enrolled in Aftercare at the expense of the family.   
A typical day at camp is full of interactive activities to keep the campers busy! Please click here for a sample schedule.

Swim&Gym Summer Camp is located at SwimWest-Madison,  1001 Deming Way, Madison 

Drop-off is between 8:00 am to 8:30 am

Pick-up is from 3:15 pm to 3: 30 pm

Please call or text the camp phone number at 608-800-7200 if needing to pick up or drop off a camper outside the designated Kiss &Go times.  Staff members will meet the parents at the drop-off drive-through area.   Please watch the video on the website home page to become familiar with how drop-off will work for your family.    Remember we have before and after care available for your family from 7:30 am to 5:30 pm.

The Thursday before your camper is scheduled to begin camp, Swim&Gym Summer Camp will send an overview email for the upcoming week your camper is to attend.    This letter reviews the week’s field trips, theme, fun activities, and any last-minute information about the fun week ahead.

Yes, review the themes to where we are taking our weekly adventures this summer.  If we have bad weather, we will work with alternative ideas.   All field trips and special guests are part of the fees you pay each week.
You can contact the Camp Coordinator at 608-800-7200 and we will tell you where your child is, or will be, at a specific time. On the first day of camp, you will be given a contact card with the camp director’s cell phone number.
We follow the school requirements, we call the parent to have the sick child picked up. If a fever is noticed, the child will have to stay home for 24 hours after the fever goes away. These are state guidelines to help protect against the spread of illness through the group.    We also have specific COVID requirements that will be sent to all registered campers.   Please visit our home page for COVID updates.   As things change with this virus so rapidly, we are continually updating the requirements, along with our cleaning and camp procedures.
The themes provide a focus on the games and crafts for each week of camp.  The themes also help us pick the perfect field trip for the week.
The cost for the first session is $385.00 per child.  An additional $40 yearly one-time registration fee is added per family.  All summer  (11 weeks) is $4081.
The Fourth of July week will be prorated to $231,  July 4 and 5 (no camp) Monday – Wednesday  1 – 3rd camp is scheduled.
What is included in the camp?  All field trips, special guests, t-shirts, arts and crafts, two snacks a day,  and three swim lessons per week.  A fun-filled week packed full of activities, friends, and adventures.
The online program, Campbrain will automatically help you set up the payment plan when you register.   If you have additional questions, please email our camp administrator at   All fees for the summer need to be paid in full by June 1, 2024.    It is the policy of Swim&Gym to hold a credit card number for all families who are making payments on their balance.    If you do not wish to give a credit card number, we require payment in full. Please contact us if you need additional information regarding the payment schedule.  You can also call or text 608-800-7200 to speak with our customer service specialist.
No. However, we do sell out each summer after registration is opened on January 15, 2024, at noon.

Vacations: The camp is designed around a one-week cycle. If you are scheduled to take a vacation, please do not sign up for a session that will conflict with your plans. We do not prorate sessions or offer make-ups for missed days of camp.    We will not have a camp on July 4th, this week will be prorated for 3 days (July 5 – 7)

Cancellations:  If you cancel a week you registered for before May 1, 2024, you will receive a refund, minus a $50 cancelation fee per camp week, plus the $40 yearly registration fee. If you cancel any week after May 1, you will be charged half for that week, plus the $40 yearly registration fee.  If the cancellation is less than 30 days before your camp week, there will be no refund.   If a camper leaves early due to disciplinary reasons or parent requests, no refund will be given.  The balance of fees paid will be refunded if a camper cannot attend due to injury or illness with a notification prior to the start of camp.  Individual missed days due to injury or illness, once your booked week has begun, will not be refunded

FULL SUMMER Registration: Swim&Gym, LLC offers a limited number of summer registration slots. We emphasize the importance of commitment from families intending to enroll for the entire eleven-week summer program. Given the high demand for our services, it is imperative to note that full summer registrations are non-refundable once a spot has been secured. However, in cases of emergencies, we are committed to providing suitable solutions. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation in ensuring a fair and efficient registration process for all families involved.

Please contact our customer service, if you need to cancel your camper’s session.   They can be reached at, 0r 608-800-7200    The sooner we know about a cancelation, the quicker we can get our families on the waitlist notified.  We sell out very quickly, so please do not register for a week if you are not sure of your schedule.

If severe weather approaches, we will take the appropriate actions and relocate everyone to a safe area inside the facility. Indoor activities include card and board games, arts and crafts, and team building activities.
There are safe areas at SwimWest for campers to gather in if we need to take cover from the weather.  SwimWest is air-conditioned and the camp staff will pay special attention to the heat index and threatening weather conditions for outside play.
Yes. Although camp is a great place to make new friends, we can put specific children together. Please write that special request on your registration form. Both campers must be in the same age group for us to grant requests.
The minimum age is 5 years old (by June 10, 2024) and the maximum age is 12.
Call us and we’ll discuss your options.    608-800-7200   or email our camp administrator at 
No. We group the children by their age.   We will all be on the same SwimWest propery, so they will see each other.
Unfortunately, all children need to be completely toilet trained before starting camp. We are frequently on the move and this stage of development is a requirement.
Yes.  Our camp registration program is mobile-friendly so that you can sign up online easily, anywhere.   All required state camp forms can be filled out on the program and can be submitted through CampBrain.  If you need assistance please email or call us.   We are happy to assist.   608-800-7200 or 
We require everyone to fill out our state-licensed required forms, we are able to help anyone who is having difficulty filling out the forms, so please reach out.
That is a possibility; however, we do not prorate the cost of the 1-week session.  We still required every family to pay in full for the entire 1-week of camp, even if you cannot be here every day.    We are prorating for the 4th of July week.
No. We do not offer any make-up days for the camp.  If you miss a swim lesson day, we do not offer make-up lessons for swim lessons.   SwimWest Swim School and Swim&Gym, LLC are two different companies.
The cost for all of the field trips and the bussing is included in your camp price.
We review the swimming skills that you filled out when you registered online.   If you did not know their swimming level, we will evaluate your campers on their first day to place them in the proper class for their skill level.
This is our GOAL!!  We will continually evaluate all skills over the summer. No camper will be held at a level that is below their skills.
Yes. The children will be swimming three days a week minimally per week, but if you want to have additional lessons you can also enroll in SwimWest’s summer session.  SwimWest Swim School is a great partner in our learn-to-swim program, and our goal is to help each child be safer in and around the water.
Yes, we do take many pictures of the campers throughout the summer during various activities at the camp.    We do post pictures on our social media and on our website.    If you do not want your child on our social media, please let your counselor know.  When you are filling out the forms, please indicate on the Photograph Release Form that you do not want your child in any pictures posted on social media, or in the group picture taken each week.
There will be a special Release form where you can authorize that request.
We will try to accommodate your child’s needs; however, one child not participating makes it difficult for the entire group. It’s best if all campers can learn the different activities together.    We will be playing a lot of different games and trying out various sports.   We hope to encourage participation and group games.