At Swim&Gym, LLC, we take immense pride in our exceptional team! The meticulous process of assembling our staff reflects our commitment to excellence. Comprising individuals with unparalleled energy and a genuine passion for working with children, our team is the driving force behind the incredible experiences we offer.

Infusing each day with enthusiasm, fun, and laughter, our dedicated team forms meaningful connections with campers. Their unwavering support and guidance navigate children through the array of activities, friendships, and emotions that characterize a transformative summer experience.

We believe in the power of a great team, and ours is nothing short of extraordinary. Join us at Swim&Gym, where every day is crafted with care, and our team takes pride in making each moment memorable for your child!

2023 Swim&Gym Team


Ethan’s association with Swim&Gym dates back to 2016, where he has served in various capacities, including swim instructor, camp counselor, and Camp Director. His dedication lies in imparting new skills to campers and fostering lasting connections with families, and the team he leads.

Livia – Director

“Livia, a former swim instructor and deck manager at SwimWest, joined us in 2023 as a Camp Director. Committed to creating opportunities for children and influencing staff, Livia balances her professional pursuits with a passion for travel, cooking, and exploring state parks. In the academic year, she is advancing her education in Spain, focusing on Spanish Education and International Business.

Elizabeth – Office Administrator

Meet Elizabeth, she takes on the role of overseeing all your camp-related needs. From promptly addressing emails and phone calls to sending out weekly updates and assisting with paperwork and payments, Elizabeth ensures a seamless experience. Outside of camp, she enjoys volleyball, camping, and creating magical moments with her two beautiful daughters.

Kristina – Operations Manager

Kristina has been an integral part of Swim&Gym since 2012, initially serving as a camp counselor before transitioning into the role of Director. Passionate about empowering young individuals to discover their potential and achieve their best, Kristina brings dedication and expertise to her leadership role. Outside of camp, she is often found enjoying her time on the water.