Camper Spotlight: Fran

Fran loves to have fun at Swim & Gym with the other campers and the counselors, and wants to become a counselor when she is old enough!


Nikki has been on the Swim & Gym Team since 2013 and has been a Director since 2016. She loves to make connections with her campers and help them succeed. You will always find Nikki smiling and laughing!


Ethan has been around Swim & Gym for the past five summers as a swim instructor, camp counselor, and camp director. He loves teaching campers new skills and making lasting connections with families.


Jenny has been around Swim & Gym since 2004 during camp’s second summer. She has seen camp grow and change throughout all its years and has helped it through all its trials and tribulations. Currently our Camp Coordinator, Jenny is a jack of all trades and is always willing to help out where needed!


Kristina has been with Swim & Gym since 2012 first as a camp counselor, and then as a director. Kristina loves to help young people find their potential and be the best they can be. When she’s not at camp, you can usually find Kristina out on the water!


Luci has been with Swim & Gym for the past 4 summers and loves making connections with her campers. She has a patient, caring approach and always works to help the young people she is in contact with better themselves.