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Session 4: Creativity – “How do I make this work?”

July 7 – July 11

One of the most important aspects of leadership is keeping an open mind. Throughout our week, we’ll be focusing on thinking “out of the box”. Our leaders will be challenged to come up with innovative solutions to complicated tasks. For one task, they’ll invent ways to bring the younger camps’ Magic Kingdom to life. As they venture on the field trips, they’ll find ways to inspire the younger campers’ imaginations on our magical adventures.

Creativity in Action: This week the group will showcase their talents by creating a Social Media Production for the Swim&Gym Facebook page and website. They’ll show the world what’s growing in our gardens, their completed projects, and games and team building exercises they’ve created.

Leadership Action Focus: They will be venturing on our first field trip into the Arboretum where they’ll create a new world for the campers. On Friday, they’ll be leading a group activity of their creation to the younger groups at McKee Park.

Leadership skills: Our focus will be abstract thinking, curiosity, flexibility, imagination, ingenuity, and of course, the best part of creativity – making things fun!

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