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Session 8: Problem Solving – “What should we do about this?!”

August 4 – August 8

We’ll spend the week working on elements of the Junior Achievement program. Junior Achievement teaches young people work-readiness, entrepreneurship and financial literacy skills, using experience based learning to “dream big”. We will also be working on excelling under pressure by using stress-reducing techniques, including breath work and planning.

Problem Solving in Action: There are many worthy causes in our area and we’ll find a way to give back this week. The charity and means of fundraising will be up to our leaders, but we know they’ll be up for the challenge. They’ll take a trip to deliver a check on Friday.

Leadership Action Focus: Our Leaders will be assisting the lower camp with Harry Potter themed activities including “house sorting” activities, creating special potions and magic tricks. Our field trip of the week is to Monona Dream Castle Park, where our leaders will be leading a game of Quidditch.

Leadership skills: Our focus will be defining a problem/goal, weighing options, testing the best possible solution, and learning from failed problem solving attempts.

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