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Session 6: Motivation – “This is what we do BEST!”

July 21 – July 25

This will be a week of excellence, and we’ll push our leaders to become their mental and physical best! We’ll discuss different techniques they can use to motivate themselves and others. They’ll learn circuit training routines (weight training, swimming, and aerobic activities) designed especially for the teen body. We’ll also talk about proper nutrition and make some healthy recipes using our camp garden.

Motivation in Action: We’ll combine the mental and physical by exploring yoga and breathing exercises to calm the body and mind and learn to refocus.

Leadership Action Focus:
We’ll join the younger camp at the Zoo and Busy Barns Adventure Farm where they’ll motivate the younger camps to take on new adventures. The Bleacher Program at the Zoo will be the perfect opportunity as they’ll get a more in-depth look at animal training.

Leadership skills: We’ll work on using positive, motivating statements, body language, tone of voice, and praise. We will explore using humor to relieve stress and entertain others

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