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Session 1: Teamwork – “I couldn’t have done it without you!”
June 16 – June 20

Each camper will start the week by creating a Personal Vision Statement with the mission of developing leadership skills they can use throughout their lives to learn their strengths and weakness and achieve their goals. Our first field trip will be to Elver Park to work on survival techniques, where they will create Survival Training Bracelets. As a team, they’ll mentor the younger camp groups on trips to Pump-it-up and UW Space Place

Teamwork in Action: The team will construct wooden benches for a quiet sitting area at the new camp garden.

Leadership Action Focus: This is a week to learn to give direction and take direction. They will be working with others to share responsibilities, opinions, and ideas while perfecting the skill of giving and taking constructive critique. The week will end by sharing the credit of success with the team.

Leadership skills: The team will work on leading games and activities, communicating with their peers and mentors, responsibility, and problem solving.

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