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Session 5: Planning and Initiative – “What is our goal?”

July 14 – July 18

This is the week of implementation and combining all of the leadership skills they have acquired in the first weeks of camp. It will be action packed fun with the younger camp as they lead activities that our leaders have created as a team. On Tuesday, they will practice their own treasure hunt skills at Blackhawk where they will hike and enjoy team building games.

Planning in Action: We will be creating a music area in our garden with old pots and pans, wind chimes, and eating utensils.

Leadership Action Focus: We will spend the week creating a Treasure Hunt for the younger camp to do at Governor Nelson State Park. Working in pairs, they’ll create and lead a fun, interactive treasure hunt for the entire camp to participate in.

Leadership skills: The focus will be defining a goal, creating steps toward success, delegation, flexibility in ideas, assessing the work done, and areas of improvement.

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