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Session 2: Responsibility – “I’m on it”

June 23 – June 27

Responsibility is the theme of the week and we’ll put our young leaders to the test with the ultimate of responsibilities, keeping other people safe! We’ll begin with lifesaving skills by learning basic CPR and first aid. Next, we’ll take these skills to the next level when the team will participate in Junior Lifeguard training. Throughout our week, they’ll be learning babysitting skills to end the week certified babysitter safe.

Responsibility in Action: The team will work as junior camp counselors to help our On Wisconsin theme come alive. They’ll travel with the younger camps to Camp Randall for a behind the scenes tour of the facility and to the State Capital.

Leadership Action Focus: We’ll focus on planning and how it relates to babysitting safety and risk management. We will also work on compassion by demonstrating concern and acting with a spirit of respect and generosity in service to others.

Leadership skills: Being responsible includes many noble traits. We’ll focus on punctuality, follow through, integrity, keeping promises, taking responsibility for their actions, and following rules even when not being observed.

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