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Session 10: Presentation – “Let me show you what I can do!”

August 18 – August 22

Our last week of camp will be the week our leaders pull it all together! They’ll showcase their leadership skills by presenting their biggest take-away of the summer to the younger camp. The garden, the sports court or the gymnastics floor will be their stage. On the last day of camp, our leadership group will present a slide show and skit; we’re looking forward to the show!

Presentation in Action: This week, we’ll present happiness to people in our community. They’ll pick flowers from our butterfly garden, and take a flower arrangement to a location of their choice. With just a little time and creativity, they’ll find it’s easy to bring a smile to someone’s face.

Leadership Action Focus: Our field trip will take us to Devils Lake on Wednesday. They’ll lead the younger campers on a hike. Their challenge will be making it fun and engaging for each age group they are leading.

Leadership skills: Our focus will be on the importance of voice intonation, eye contact, posture, body control, and speaking directly and slowly while presenting.

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