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Session 9: Persistence – “I can do this!”

August 11 – August 15

Using team building exercises, we will be creating scenarios to help our future leaders think things through before acting. In the end, they’ll learn that hard work pays off in fun!

Persistence in Action: We’ll travel to Vilas Park for a day of canoeing. The leaders will have to do a lot of planning and hard work to make the day a success. They’ll plan the route, determine the needed supplies, and pack for the day.

Leadership Action Focus: Our future leaders will be assisting the younger staff on time management and keeping engaged in the week’s police and fire safety presentations. They will also be assisting in an art project and working with the young campers in the gardens at Swim&Gym.

Leadership skills: Our focus will be overcoming adversity, resisting peer pressure, knowing when and when to compromise, and maintaining self-esteem despite differences.

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