Dear Swim & Gym Camp Families,

We cannot thank you enough for your continued support as the Swim & Gym Leadership Team continues to navigate through all-new Local, County, State, and Federal regulations due to the Covid-19 pandemic. We have been experiencing sometimes daily regulation changes which have helped us streamline our policies and procedures moving forward in 2022. 

According to the Wisconsin Department of Children and Families, state-licensed day camps can operate up to their licensed capacity.  We will maintain an approximate ratio of 1 counselor to 10 campers.    

      • Families and friend requests will be assigned together within the same camp if we know ahead of time.

Swim & Gym Camp is also implementing and continually training team members on stringent disinfecting protocols of surfaces in addition to more frequent handwashing.   We have created a video in 2021 for our Swim & Gym families that shows our COVID safety precautions.   The video is on our home page.   

Monday Morning Check-ins

On Monday’s we invite families new to Swim&Gym to walk their campers to the tent area to meet their counselors.   After their first day, drop off and pick up may solely be done at the car. 

Wearing masks

  • Indoors, Swim & Gym will continue to require all staff and campers to wear masks except while they are swimming.  
  • Outdoors, Swim & Gym will not require any individual to wear a mask. Masking choices should align with the individual comfort level and should not be interpreted as an indicator of vaccinated/unvaccinated status.

What our staff will be doing:

All of our staff at Swim & Gym have been vaccinated. They will not be wearing a mask while outside, however, they will be required to wear a mask indoors with their campers. The SwimWest Swim School staff will also be wearing a mask indoors and a face shield while teaching swim lessons.   

 Important note: At Swim & Gym, we believe that people should feel 100% comfortable and supported if they choose to wear a mask while at camp. Staff, families, and children are strongly encouraged to continue to act in alignment with their personal comfort level.


We are still using our pod system to keep contact between individuals contained and controlled. Your camper will be assigned a pod and will stay with that pod for the entire time that you attend our Swim & Gym Summer Camp unless an extenuating circumstance occurs. If you would like your camper to be assigned to the same pod as a friend or sibling and you have not already let us know, please notify us as soon as possible. 

Cleaning and hand hygiene

Swim & Gym staff will continue to encourage regular hand-washing and/or hand sanitizing during programs, work shifts, and when families are visiting the camp. Hand sanitizer and handwashing stations will be available. Regular cleaning and disinfection of commonly-used surfaces will be performed by Swim & Gym staff.

Health Screening:

Swim & Gym will continue to ask that all of our camp families monitor for Covid-like symptoms and stay home if they’re feeling sick. If you’re at the camp and your camper feels ill, has symptoms, or develops symptoms while at camp, we will ask that they return home.

If a child participating in our program starts to feel ill or exhibit covid-19 symptoms, we will have the child rest in an area away from others until he/she can be picked up from the camp. Symptomatic participants are encouraged to be tested for Covid-19 and may return to programs after receiving negative test results or after a period of 14 days.

As always, the safety and comfort of our community are our first priority. If you have any questions or concerns, we are happy to address them! Just email us at  

We understand that some families may not feel comfortable or may change their minds as new information develops about sending their campers to camp this summer.  We appreciate you letting us know as soon as possible so that we are able to reach out to families on waitlists.

The health and safety of our campers and staff is our top priority, and we will continue to closely follow all recommendations from the CDC and Government Agencies. Thank you for your continued support during such uncertain times. ‘

Let the summer games begin!

Swim & Gym Summer Camp